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“Are You Sure it was Rape?”

“Are you sure it was rape?”

This is what an administrator at Amherst College said to a student when she attempted to report a sexual assault. Due to victim-blaming questions like this, only 12 percent of college rape survivors will report their experiences to law enforcement.

But now student activists are taking on the epidemic of campus rape to change how colleges treat survivors.

Check this out in the latest issue of MS Magazine.

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19 Best Paying Jobs for Women in 2013

Women have entered almost all fields of professions these days. Be it armed forces of business, women can be found working in all environments. It is a fact that these days, women are starting new firms at twice a rate of all other businesses and according to a research it is projected that women labor force will increase to 78 million by the year 2018. Gone are the days when men used to earn and women used to stay at home. The job of a pharmacist is the highest paying job for a women in the year 2013 followed by that of a lawyer and Computer and Information systems manager. Even physicians and surgeons, chief executives and nurse practitioner jobs are some of the best paying jobs for women. 

In fact, in jobs such as Registered nurses, school teachers, insurance underwriters, health service managers and community service managers, women outnumber men! Thailand is the country where the percentage of female entrepreneur is the highest in the world followed by Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and China. What is surprising to know is the fact that women owned companies employ 35% more people than all the fortune 500 companies put together and about 73% of working women had white collar occupations in the year 2009.